Voting Record

Voting is among the most important public acts of individual Senators. There are three ways of voting in the Senate: voice, division, and yea and nay (also called rollcall or recorded) votes. Neither voice nor division votes are recognized in the rules of the Senate. Instead, they are permitted by precedent. Senate Rule XII outlines voting procedure in the chamber and explicitly identifies “the yeas and nays.” Click here for more information on voting in the Senate.

Date Vote Question and Description Position Result
09/12/18 On the Conference Report H.R. 5895
Yea Conference Report Agreed to (92-5)
09/12/18 On the Nomination PN1620
Yea Nomination Confirmed (64-33)
09/12/18 On the Cloture Motion PN1620
Yea Cloture Motion Agreed to (63-34)
09/06/18 On the Nomination PN1650
Yea Nomination Confirmed (79-12)
09/06/18 On the Nomination PN1525
Nay Nomination Confirmed (60-35)
09/05/18 On the Nomination PN2047
Yea Nomination Confirmed (85-14)
09/04/18 On the Cloture Motion PN2047
Yea Cloture Motion Agreed to (83-14)
08/28/18 On the Nomination PN1413
Nay Nomination Confirmed (52-42)
08/28/18 On the Nomination PN1398
Yea Nomination Confirmed (75-20)
08/28/18 On the Nomination PN1414
Nay Nomination Confirmed (72-23)
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