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Health Care Open Enrollment: Fast Facts

Banner HealthcareOpen enrollment for 2019 plans starts November 1, 2018. You must sign up by December 15, 2018 to be covered in 2019. Most people will qualify for financial help.

Every year during open enrollment, you should log on to and make sure your contact information and your income information are up-to-date and accurate.

  • Logging in and double checking your information will ensure that you are getting the maximum tax credit for which you are eligible.
  • The amount of the tax credit depends on both your income and the costs of the plans available in your area (which change each year). If premiums go up, your tax credit goes up, too.
  • This year, is expected to be down on Sundays between 12AM and 12PM, except on December 9.

If you are currently enrolled in a plan, you should review the premiums for next year and any plan changes that the insurer is making (such as changes to the provider network, deductible or co-pays) to make sure that this plan is still the best option for you. More Plans are participating in the marketplace in 2019.

If you need to pick a new plan, remember to compare the new plan to your old plan.

  • Are your doctors in-network in your new plan?
  • Are your prescription medications covered?

If you need help choosing a new plan or enrolling in a plan, you can find help at A plan comparison tool is also available through the Pennsylvania Insurance Department.

Note: this guidance does not apply to Medicare, Medicaid or CHIP plans.