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The State Constitution provides that the Attorney General shall be the chief law enforcement officer of the Commonwealth and shall exercise such powers and perform such duties as may be imposed by law.

The Commonwealth Attorneys Act establishes the Attorney General as the chief legal and law enforcement officer of the Commonwealth and provides the following fundamental duties and responsibilities of the Office of Attorney General:

  • To be the Commonwealth's chief law enforcement officer charged with the responsibility for the prosecution of organized crime and public corruption. This law enforcement program includes a criminal investigations unit and drug law enforcement program as well as direction of Statewide and multi-county investigating grand juries and a Medicaid Fraud Control Section.
  • To represent the Commonwealth and all Commonwealth agencies and upon request the Auditor General, State Treasurer and Public Utility Commission in any action brought by or against the Commonwealth or its agencies; to furnish upon request legal advice to the Governor or the head of any Commonwealth agency.
  • To review for form and legality all proposed rules and regulations for Commonwealth agencies.
  • To review for form and legality all Commonwealth deeds, leases and contracts to be executed by Commonwealth agencies.
  • To collect, by suit or otherwise, all debts, taxes and accounts due to the Commonwealth which shall be referred to and placed with the Attorney General.
  • To administer the provisions relating to consumer protection as well as appoint the Advisory Committee.
  • To represent the Commonwealth and its citizens in any action brought for violation of the Antitrust Laws of the United States and the Commonwealth.