• Agriculture


    Pennsylvania’s proud agriculture tradition has helped build and strengthen the Commonwealth from its earliest days. As Pennsylvania’s number one industry, agriculture continues to drive our economy. The industry supports over 94,000 farmers and hundreds of thousands of jobs.

  • Children


    Senator Casey believes that all children deserve a strong start in life, and the economic health of our Nation rests upon how well we help prepare our children for success. By laying a solid foundation that includes health, nutrition, safety and education from the day they are born, we can ensure that each child can grow to his or her potential. No matter what the circumstances, it is the obligation of every public official to do all that they can to make sure that the light inside every child i

  • Criminal Justice

    Criminal Justice

    We need to rebalance our criminal justice system to target violent offenders who pose the greatest risk to our communities and reduce the overcrowding of prisons with nonviolent offenders serving unnecessarily long sentences. We also need to make sure that people who made mistakes but paid their debt to society are not forever punished by policies that keep them from exercising their civil rights and accessing the ladders of opportunity.

  • Disabilities


    Since the passage of the Americans with Disabilities Act over 20 years ago, persons with disabilities living in the United States have made significant progress, but there is still much work to be done to ensure that Pennsylvanians with disabilities are able to fully participate in society, live independently, have equal opportunities and be economically self-sufficient. As a member of the Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions and the Committee on Finance, Senator Casey is un

  • Early Learning

    Early Learning

    A quality education from early childhood through college is of paramount importance for the future of Pennsylvania and our country. Study after study shows that investments in enhancing learning opportunities for our youngest children are absolutely critical to a child’s success. Senator Casey knows that when a child learns more earlier in life then that child will earn more later in our workforce. These investments are also critical to our nation’s continued economic strength. Unfor

  • Environment


    Senator Casey is working to preserve the richness, beauty and diversity of Pennsylvania’s natural environment. He is committed to protecting the environment, preserving our national treasures and safeguarding the health of Pennsylvanian families.

  • Gun Violence

    Gun Violence

    With an average of 520 gun homicides every year in Pennsylvania, Senator Casey is committed to making our communities safer. Every American should feel free to study or work or worship where they please without feeling the threat of gun violence. We can and we must act now to pass commonsense gun safety reforms.

  • Health Care

    Health Care

    Senator Casey believes that every American deserves access to high-quality, affordable health care, and he is working to ensure that America is investing in biomedical research and new technologies that can improve the lives of people facing illness or disability, ensuring that America remains a leader in these fields. He is working to provide health insurance for every child, so that each child has the ability to grow up healthy, and working to strengthen Medicare.

  • Higher Education

    Higher Education

    Senator Casey believes that higher education is a key to long-term economic growth and is often a ticket to the American dream. Anyone with the drive, fortitude, and desire to pursue the opportunities afforded by higher education should be able to realize that dream, regardless of their personal financial situation. Pennsylvania is fortunate to have the most institutions of higher education of any state and the rich diversity and economic advantages that come with them. Senator Casey will do eve

  • An Independent Judiciary

    An Independent Judiciary

    Senator Casey believes a strong and independent judiciary is fundamental to our democracy. Whether through ensuring the federal bench is fully staffed with judges who reflect the diversity of their communities, or through ensuring that everyday Americans are not unfairly deprived of their day in court, Senator Casey believes that equal justice is our common project. He is committed to protecting access to the courthouse for all citizens.

  • Israel


    Senator Casey is committed to further strengthening the unbreakable bond between the United States and Israel and to promoting peace and security throughout the Middle East.  A stable and secure Israel is in our national security interest and has been a cornerstone of our foreign policy for more than half a century.  The United States benefits enormously from cooperating with Israel on counterterrorism, intelligence and defense.

  • Jobs and the Economy

    Jobs and the Economy

    Senator Casey is a strong supporter of legislative initiatives to promote economic security for individuals and families. As a member of the Committee on Finance, the Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions and the Joint Economic Committee, all of which have broad jurisdiction over programs and issues that impact Americans’ financial security, Senator Casey has worked to implement policies and legislation to support job creation, income growth, small businesses, families and chi

  • Law Enforcement and Local Communities

    Law Enforcement and Local Communities

    Safe, secure communities are vital to the well-being of Pennsylvania families, yet criminal activity threatens public safety in many areas of the Commonwealth. I believe the most effective way to fight crime is to ensure state and local law enforcement have the necessary resources they need to proactively prevent crime while bringing perpetrators to justice.

  • LGBTQ Issues

    LGBTQ Issues

    Senator Casey supports the rights of all LGBTQ individuals. This nation was founded on the principles of freedom and equality, not for some, but for all. As a society and a government, we must continue to move toward the ideal of inclusion. Senator Casey is committed to ensuring that our government provides equal protection under the law for all, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity.

  • National Security

    National Security

    The national security challenges facing our nation today are immense. They include the responsible drawdown of U.S. and international forces in Afghanistan that must be concurrent with progress on security, an increase in well-trained Afghan security forces, a commitment to a transparent political progress in the country and the protection of the hard-fought gains made by Afghan women in the past decade; U.S. assistance to the victims of the conflict in Syria;

  • Pennsylvania Businesses

    Pennsylvania Businesses

    Senator Casey believes creating opportunity for Pennsylvania businesses is key to creating jobs and investing in the economic future of the Commonwealth. As a member of the Committee on Finance, which has jurisdiction over trade and the tax code, and the Joint Economic Committee, which focuses on issues affecting employment and the national economy, Senator Casey has worked to implement policies and legislation that will help Pennsylvania businesses grow and create jobs.

  • Raising Wages

    Raising Wages

    The middle-class is the engine of the American economy.  But over the last several decades, incomes have stagnated for middle-class Americans.  This puts both the middle class and the American economy at risk.  Addressing income growth and helping American families achieve economic security, is one of Senator Casey’s top priorities.  He has a long record of protecting and expanding the rights of workers, spurring job growth through investments in infrastructure and in s

  • Retirement Security

    Retirement Security

    Ensuring all Americans have access to retirement savings vehicles and are able to begin saving early in their career is a priority for Senator Casey. As a member of the Special Committee on Aging, the Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions and the Committee on Finance, all of which have jurisdiction over policies and programs pertinent to retirement and savings, Senator Casey has had the opportunity to write and enact legislation helping millions of Pennsylvanians save for and afford

  • Seniors


    Ensuring strong services and supports for older Americans is a significant priority for Senator Casey. As a member of the Special Committee on Aging, the Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions and the Committee on Finance, all of which have jurisdiction over policies and programs pertinent to senior citizens, Senator Casey has had the opportunity to write and enact legislation impacting the over 2 million older Pennsylvanians.

  • Transportation and Infrastructure

    Transportation and Infrastructure

    Pennsylvania is home to a large and diverse infrastructure network and keeping it well maintained is a constant challenge. The Port of Pittsburgh is one of the busiest ports in the nation. According to independent studies; the river system supports 45,000 direct jobs and over 200,000 total jobs.

  • Veterans and Military Families

    Veterans and Military Families

    Senator Casey is a strong ally of the men and women who have served in the Armed Forces and their families, and continues to be a leader for them in the Senate. As Pennsylvania has one of the highest populations of veterans of any state.

  • Women and Families

    Women and Families

    Senator Casey has long advocated for policies to ensure that women can be full participants in America’s economy, advocating for equal pay for equal work, supporting access to childcare and paid family leave, and seeking an end to discrimination against pregnant women. As a member of the Committee on Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions, the Committee on Finance and the Joint Economic Committee, Senator Casey has had the opportunity to write and enact legislation impacting women in Penns