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Kristen Gentile Has Served as Key Member of Casey’s Staff Since 2007

Washington, DC- Today, U.S. Senator Bob Casey (D-PA) announced that he has named Kristen Gentile, who has served as a key advisor and member of his staff since 2007, as his new Chief of Staff. Jim Brown, Senator Casey’s Chief of Staff since 2007, accepted a position at the Hershey Trust Company where he is on the Board of Directors, and Milton Hershey School where he is on the Board of Managers.

“I’m grateful that Kristen has agreed to serve the people of Pennsylvania and our nation in this new capacity,” Senator Casey said. “Kristen has served as a key member of my team and trusted advisor since I was first sworn in. Her contributions to the work that I have done for the people of Pennsylvania and our nation has been substantial. This is a challenging position, but Kristen brings with her a lifetime of experience in management and a well-earned reputation for integrity and excellence.”

Senator Casey continued, “Throughout his career Jim Brown has always been willing to answer the call of public service and I am grateful for the nine years he served the people of Pennsylvania and our nation as my Chief of Staff. I’ve known Jim personally and professionally for decades. He’s a true public servant, who on multiple occasions left highly successful jobs in the private sector in order to serve our Commonwealth and nation. Long before he became my Chief of Staff, he served Governor Casey at a critical time for our state. Jim played a key role in two of Governor Casey’s major accomplishments: making the Steamtown Mall project a reality and creating the Children’s Health Insurance Program, which later became a model for the nation. During his service in the Senate, Jim directed my bipartisan work in confirming fourteen judges to the federal bench at a time when judicial confirmations are more contentious than ever. Jim also worked long hours with me and our health care legislative staff to ensure the Affordable Care Act made it to the President’s desk. Jim has always believed that public service is a trust and during his time in government he built a reputation as a person of integrity. Jim is a personal friend, and although I miss his presence in our office I know that his new venture is allowing him to have a substantial impact on the education of vulnerable children.”

Kristen began her professional policy career working first for National Journal as a Marketing Assistant; and later as a Government Relations Assistant for The Policy Group, LLC, providing direct support to the firm’s principals and client organizations.  Since 2002, she has worked in the United States Senate serving in various positions for Senators Mark Dayton, Sherrod Brown, and Bob Casey. Most recently, Kristen is the acting Chief of Staff for Senator Bob Casey (D-PA), separately managing political operations and the official Senate office. 

As Senator Casey’s longtime Deputy Chief of Staff, Kristen provided administrative, operations, and constituent services support for the Washington, DC office and seven offices throughout Pennsylvania.  She developed and administered a budget of more than $3.6 million, ensured compliance with ethics guidelines and the Standing Rules of the Senate, and coordinated resources, training, and programs in support of the office’s strategic goals.  She is an active member of the Senate Administrative Directors Steering Committee, a bi-partisan panel that proactively addresses challenges to the Senate community and develops solutions with Senate leadership and support officials.  She also serves on the Senate’s Peer Support Team, a select group of staff extensively trained to assist the community in the event of a critical incident.  She was competitively accepted to the 114th Congress Stennis Fellows Program, a practical, bi-partisan leadership development experience for senior-level congressional staff.

A native of Buffalo, New York, Kristen received her undergraduate degree in political science and law & society from American University.  She lives in Alexandria, Virginia with her husband and three children.