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WASHINGTON, DC- After the Department of Defense Inspector General released its report on the electrocution death of Staff Sergeant Ryan Maseth and 17 other electrocution deaths in Iraq, U.S. Senator Bob Casey (D-PA) released the following statement:

“I am heartened that, after an exhaustive investigation, the Department of Defense Inspector General has finally published its findings and recommendations.  The responsibility for the death of Ryan Maseth can be attributed to many quarters.  However, the Inspector General has concluded that the water pump which shorted and caused his electrocution was first installed by a KBR subcontractor less than two years prior to Ryan’s death.  That water pump, located on the roof of Ryan’s building, was not grounded during installation.  This deficiency was not discovered during a subsequent inspection administered by KBR.

“We cannot stop with the publication of this report alone.  Those who failed to carry out their contractual obligations in a way that contributed to the death of a U.S. soldier should be held fully accountable for their negligence.  I also eagerly await the findings of the Army CID report.”