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Washington, DC - U.S. Senator Bob Casey (D-PA) released a statement following President Trump’s announcement regarding steel and aluminum tariffs:

“When foreign countries cheat on trade, Pennsylvania workers lose their jobs. I commend the Administration for taking action. I also urge the Administration to use the next 15 days, until these trade remedies take effect, to improve and refine this order. Specifically, the Administration should consider additional action on downstream products, like transformer cores, without which foreign producers could undermine domestic production of electrical steel and put Pennsylvania jobs at risk.

"We must go after China and other trade cheaters, with our allies, the only way they’ll understand –head on. Workers across Pennsylvania know what unfair trade has brought —job losses and stagnant wages.

"When the playing field is level, Pennsylvania workers can out compete any workers in the world. It’s vital to hold countries that cheat on trade accountable in order to protect Pennsylvanians’ jobs and a good standard of living.”