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Washington, DC – U.S. Senator Bob Casey (D-PA) issued a statement following Pope Francis’ historic visit to Philadelphia:

“Philadelphia has had many important days in its history and Pope Francis’ visit will be long remembered among those historic moments. In Philadelphia, Pope Francis continued his uplifting, affirmative and inclusive message that appeals to Catholics and non-Catholics alike. Pope Francis is a servant leader. During his papacy, Pope Francis hasn’t been a distant leader who recites rules but rather has served as a pastor who walks the walk with his flock. Part of Pope Francis’ appeal to those of all faiths and those without a particular faith is his positive example of service. People from all walks of life get the sense that Pope Francis isn’t just talking about the challenges of our world but is in the ditch helping to dig our world out of some of our biggest challenges. During his visit he sought to lift up the vulnerable and the powerless. It’s clear he believes that his work as a servant is to go directly to people that are vulnerable, directly to people that need the most help, literally bypassing the powerful to get to the powerless. I was honored to be in Washington in the two days he was there to be able to go to some of the events there. Moving forward, it’s critical that we remember Pope Francis’ message of service to one another and solidarity with those who are vulnerable. To members of Congress, Pope Francis delivered a simple but important message: cooperate for the common good. It’s critical that Congress heeds that call in the days and weeks ahead.”