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Washington DC- “I was very disappointed that the Senate today chose to reject sensible gun legislation to keep our children and communities safe from violent criminals and terrorists.  Like many Americans, after Sandy Hook, I was horrified by how those children died - shot at close range with a high-powered rifle with each child hit as many as 11 times. I was also haunted by what could have happened if the killer had more time - he was prepared to slaughter hundreds of children. As members of the U.S Senate, we must ask: have I done enough to reduce the likelihood that this never happens again? We must do more to protect our kids.

I am a strong defender of the Second Amendment.  Pennsylvania has a rich tradition of hunting and I believe strongly that people should be able have guns for protection, sporting and collection.  But, I also believe we need sensible gun legislation that will help to prevent these tragedies.  This should not be the end of the road.  We owe it to our children to redouble our efforts to do everything in our power to prevent another tragedy.


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