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Washington, D.C. - Today, U.S. Senator Bob Casey (D-PA) released a statement commemorating Labor Day.

“This Labor Day and every day, I am celebrating unions and working families, who built the American middle class and made our Nation what it is today.

Over the past few decades, corporations have tilt the playing field in their favor by systematically undermining and weakening workers’ fundamental rights to organize and collectively bargain. Every worker in America deserves to be paid a living wage and treated with dignity and respect. That’s why I’m fighting to pass the PRO Act in Congress, which would safeguard and strengthen workers’ fundamental right to organize and ensure that workers are able to decide whether or not to join a union through a fair process. It would close loopholes that allow workers to misclassify employees, ensure unions can collect fair share fees to cover the costs of collective bargaining and create meaningful penalties for employers that violate workers’ rights. It would help restore fairness to an economy that has been rigged against workers for too long.

The House passed the PRO Act in March, and the Senate must now advance this critical legislation. We owe it to workers and families to create an economy that works for them, not for corporate interests.”