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Casey Advocated for Direct Dollars to Improve Pittsburgh Infrastructure

Pittsburgh, PA – Following efforts by U.S. Senator Bob Casey (D-PA) to include increased funding for the Civil Works Preconstruction Engineering and Design (PED) account, the United States Army Corps has announced that it will invest $57.4 million in additional Fiscal Year 2021 appropriations to Western Pennsylvania’s locks and dams. This funding will support the continuation of the Upper Ohio Navigation Project, which involves the construction of new navigational locks at the Emsworth, Dashields, and Montgomery (EDM) locks and dams on the Ohio River. These structures sit downstream from the Port of Pittsburgh and the poor condition of the EDM locks frequently causes costly interruptions to shipping traffic, hurting regional businesses and putting family-sustaining jobs at risk.

“The construction of the Upper Ohio Navigation Project is essential for the continued viability of our inland waterway system and Pennsylvania’s economic revitalization,” said Senator Casey. “I am pleased that this funding has been allocated to the region and I will continue to fight for the infrastructure needs of Western Pennsylvania and the Commonwealth.”

The Port of Pittsburgh handles more than 35 million tons of cargo each year, including significant quantities of petroleum products, processed metal, grain, construction equipment, chemicals and coal. In May 2020, Senator Casey advocated in appropriations requests for funding for additional preconstruction and design that must be performed before project construction can begin. Senator Casey has been advocating for the Upper Ohio Navigation Project since 2007, when he pushed for a study of it.