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911th Base Employs 1,700, Is Cost Efficient and Meets Recruiting Goals

Closure of Base Would Cost Jobs, Harm Region’s Economy and Could Hamper U.S. National Defense Efforts

WASHINGTON, DC – Today, in a meeting with Air Force leadership, U.S. Senator Bob Casey (D-PA) demanded answers on why the Defense Department has decided to close Pittsburgh’s 911th Air Force base.

During a meeting with Air Force Vice Chief of Staff Philip Breedlove in which Senator  Casey was joined by Senator Toomey and Representatives Murphy, Doyle and Critz, Senator Casey cited the 911th’s long history of excellence, its importance to the region and its cost efficient practices as reasons to keep the base open. Senator Casey said the Air Force should look to close bases overseas before targeting the 911th and asked that the military reconsider its decision.

“The 911th Air Force base represents the best our military has to offer. The Defense Department should be looking for ways to strengthen its mission, not close the base,” Senator Casey said. “Instead of closing a cost efficient base that employs almost 2,000 people like the 911th, the Air Force should first close bases that aren’t using taxpayer money wisely or are overseas.”

The 911th has long called Pittsburgh its home and has contributed mightily to the country’s national defense and served an economic catalyst for the region. Specifically, the men and women of the base have supported the C-130 aircraft and personnel deployments throughout the world.

The 911th’s excellent workforce has made a positive impact on country’s national defense strategy and has met its recruitment goals when other bases around the country failed to do so.