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Casey Pressed Nominee on Army Plans to Move Apache Helicopters Away from PA National Guard, Shutter 55th ABCT in Scranton / Senator Casey Discussed AUMF, Emphasized Need for Comprehensive Strategy in Syria and Iraq / Nominee to be Defense Secretary, Ash Carter, Is a Southeastern PA Native

Washington, DC- Today, U.S. Senator Bob Casey (D-PA) met with Ash Carter, President Obama’s nominee to be Defense Secretary, and pressed the case for Pennsylvania’s military priorities and for a comprehensive strategy to combat ISIS and deal with instability in Iraq and Syria. Casey raised concerns over the Army’s plans to move Apache helicopters away from the National Guard, which could undermine the state’s Guardsmen. Casey also urged the nominee to consider abandoning the Army’s proposal to deactivate the 55th Armored Brigade Combat Team headquartered in Scranton. Casey also raised the President’s proposal for an Authorization for the Use of Military Force against the terrorist group ISIS and pressed the nominee on the need for robust assistance to Syrians affected by the conflict. Carter, who could receive a vote tomorrow, is a Southeastern Pennsylvania native.

“I appreciated the opportunity to speak with Dr. Carter and discuss the need to protect Pennsylvania’s military assets and focus on critical issues abroad like ISIS and Syria,” Senator Casey said. “Dr. Carter is an excellent nominee and I’m confident that he is ready to lead the Defense Department at this important time for our nation. I look forward to supporting his nomination on the Senate floor and working with him as the nation’s next Secretary of Defense.”