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WASHINGTON, DC— Following passage of the ethics reform bill (S.1), U.S. Senator Bob Casey released the following statement:

“With the passage of a strong ethics reform bill, the U.S. Senate has listened to the people of Pennsylvania and the United States and has taken an important step toward cleaning up the ethical problems that have been far too prevalent in recent years.

“Strong restrictions on gifts and travel, along with greater reporting and transparency will give the American people more confidence that actions taken in Washington are in their best interest and not driven by corrupting influences.

“The bill passed by the U.S. Senate was greatly improved over the bill passed by the Senate last year, but not enacted. Closing the corporate jet loophole was a much needed addition to the bill. I campaigned on this provision and I voluntarily abided by this new rule since 2005.

“I was disappointed that an Office of Public Integrity was not included in the final bill. I voted for the amendment to ensure that these ethics rules are enforced by an independent body. However, I am encouraged that it appears hearings on the issue will be held later this year.

“It is also unfortunate that my amendment to make participation in the K Street Project a federal crime faced resistance and was not adopted. I’m heartened that a provision to ban the wrongful influence in hiring decisions was included in new Senate rules. However, a stronger measure would be a more effective deterrent and would have sent a clearer signal that this practice will not be tolerated.

“This bill is a good first step and I hope the entire bill is implemented soon. In the meantime, I am drafting and will implement tough ethics rules of my own for myself and my staff.”