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The 12th Anniversary of September 11th

Today, we remember those we lost on September 11th and the uncommon courage Americans showed during one of our Nation’s most difficult times. In Shanksville, at the Pentagon and in the streets of Manhattan, Americans came together and in some cases made the ultimate sacrifice to protect others. This 12th anniversary of 9/11 is a day to renew our commitment to confront our security and economic challenges in a spirit of unity and cooperation. While the Senate was in session this week, my wife Terese was able to attend the September 11 Memorial Service in Shanksville on my behalf. We pray today for those who died on 9/11, for their families and for our troops serving around the globe; we also pray for ourselves, that we may be worthy of their valor.

September 11th

Completion of Funding for the Flight 93 Memorial

Today’s announcement that funding for the Flight 93 Memorial is complete is a testament to the incredible work and dedication of the families. I was proud to work with the families and our bipartisan delegation to secure a federal commitment for the Memorial. This memorial cannot fully encompass the extraordinary sacrifice that these families have made, but I’m confident that its completion will show one small measure of our gratitude towards them and the heroes of Flight 93.

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