Cleaning up Litter

Like many people who are concerned about the amount of garbage scattered on our local roadways and highways, I worry about the effect litter has on our environment, our economy and our quality of life.  Litter not only detracts from the beauty of our environment, be it near a park, picnic area or stream, but also can be a health and safety hazard for humans and wildlife.  Despite the warning signs posted along the road and the punitive fines given out by law enforcement officers, some people continue to litter.  Nevertheless, I believe that a time will come when littering is unthinkable.

As Earth Day approaches, I encourage you to get involved in your community’s cleanup efforts, many of which occur in the spring.  Great Pennsylvania Clean Up is a program through which Pennsylvanians clean up litter and trash along our roadsides, streams, parks, forests and neighborhoods.  PennDOT's Adopt-A-Highway program not only reduces the amount of litter on our roadway, but also reduces the overall cost of litter removal.  I hope that littering ends soon so that PennDOT can redirect the $11 million it currently spends on cleanup each year and use the funds to repair and maintain our state’s infrastructure.  

While in Washington, I will continue to develop policy that will help to clean up the environment.  I thank all those people who are taking action on this important issue.  Sometimes the greatest collective impact occurs through the small, individual actions taken in our own backyards and neighborhoods throughout the Commonwealth.

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