Funding to Expand Broadband Internet Availability

The Department of Agriculture and Department of Commerce recently announced that funding will soon be available for projects to help expand broadband access to communities with limited internet service. Many parts of Pennsylvania, especially rural areas, lack adequate internet service, and individuals in those communities cannot access the information many of us take for granted.  Grants and loans will fund projects to help more people get connected.

Through these funding programs, communities may apply for a portion of the $7.2 billion included in the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act to expand access to broadband services.  Application submissions for the first of the three rounds of funding will open July 14, 2009 and close August 14, 2009.  I encourage communities from all over Pennsylvania to apply for this very important funding.

Visit the Broadband USA website to learn more about these programs or apply for funding.

Recovery Act
Rural Broadband