Green Jobs at ATAS International Inc

Today, I visited ATAS International Inc., which produces metal roofing and siding systems. Over the last 47 years, ATAS has evolved from a one-man operation in a basement to a leading national manufacturer. Second generation owners and brothers, Dick and Jim Bus continue the company’s evolution. They have made significant investment in developing technology that will save money and create jobs by decreasing the amount of electricity and gas needed to heat and cool buildings.

ATAS Visit

ATAS is a leading producer of green technologies that will help modernize our economy. ATAS’s InSpire wall panel can be added to buildings to increase their energy efficiency by trapping heat in the winter and repelling heat in the summer. They have also developed a rooftop photovoltaic system that converts sunlight directly into electricity.

After a tour of the factory, I met with about 40 employees of the company to hear their concerns about the economy. One shared my concerns about companies that receive tax breaks to move manufacturing jobs overseas. I pledged to continue fighting to level the playing field for American manufacturers. Taxpayer money should not be used to subsidize outsourcing of American jobs.