Making Understanding Health Insurance Simpler

HealthCare.govOne consistent theme that I have heard from Pennsylvanians in our conversations about health insurance is how confusing it can be to find the right plan.  It’s challenging to understand what options are available, and it’s even harder to determine how plans compare on benefits, price, and other important criteria.  

The good news is, things may have just gotten a little simpler with the launch of a new website called This website, which was created as a result of the new health care law – the Affordable Care Act – gives Pennsylvanians, and Americans across the country, more control over our health care by providing the information necessary to make the best choices for ourselves and our families.

On, you can learn about:

  • Health insurance options available to you and your family in your community. is the first website to provide consumers across the U.S. with both public and private health coverage options tailored specifically for their needs in a single, easy-to-use tool. By answering just a few simple questions, you can learn what health insurance options are available in your community, and how health plans compare on services, providers and drug benefits. Later this year, information on prices will be added – making this an even more powerful tool.
  • New rights and benefits provided to Americans under the new health care law, the Affordable Care Act. A timeline shows when new programs under the new law will become available between now and 2014, and information is available to help families, older adults, employers, health care providers and others understand how their health care will improve under the new law.
  • Information to help you and your family prevent health problems and lead a healthier, more active life – and to assess the quality of health care provided in your area.

The website will be updated regularly, as new information about plans, benefits and consumer protections become available.

I hope that this website will be a valuable resource for you and all Pennsylvanians. I would encourage you to share it with your coworkers, friends and family who you think might be interested in it.

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