Honoring Those Who Served in Iraq

Today, as we mark the official end of the war in Iraq, I ask that you join me in honoring the great sacrifices of our military and civilians who have served there. Throughout the duration of the war, Pennsylvanians have served honorably in the execution of their duties. 198 Pennsylvanians made the ultimate sacrifice while serving in Iraq. We should also remember the families of our service members.  There are many spouses, children, parents and family members that will celebrate this holiday season with only the memory of a loved one who made the ultimate sacrifice in Iraq. 

In addition to the many Pennsylvanians who lost their lives, 1,239 service members were wounded during the war.  These brave men and women must have access to the best possible care for their specific wounds and a system that is easily navigable to allow for that care to be provided as quickly as possible.

We must care for our wounded service members and work to improve their lives while also supporting the survivors of our fallen troops; I view this as one of the most important responsibilities of a Member of the Senate.  As our military’s role in Iraq comes to an end, there is still a good deal of diplomatic work to be done to ensure that our nation’s sacrifices were not made in vain.  Today, the veterans of the Iraq War can hold their heads high and know they answered the call of their nation. 

Thank you to all of our Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation New Dawn veterans.  Welcome home.