Hunger Action Month

During this month, Hunger Action Month, I joined with thousands of Americans and took the Hunger Action Pledge.  What this means is that I committed to raising awareness about and working to alleviate hunger.  Eliminating hunger has been an important goal throughout our Nation’s history and throughout all of history.  However, there are many reasons why right now, this September, we should slow down and pay specific attention toward the issue of hunger.  More than one in ten households struggles to put enough food on the table.  Nearly one in four children and one in nine seniors are at-risk of hunger.  These statistics are not numbers on a page, they are hungry people, hungry children, struggling from day-to-day. 

On August 5, the Senate unanimously passed the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act, which reauthorizes our Nation's major Federal child nutrition programs.  This Act makes the largest new investment in child nutrition programs since their inception in order to better serve America's children, and it does so at a time when many children are struggling to access nutritious meals.  I have always believed that what motivates people across the country to invest in the programs and policies that impact our children is a basic and fundamental belief that every child in America is born with a light inside them.  Through the passage of the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act, the Senate has taken an important step forward toward eliminating hunger and ensuring that the light inside each child burns as brightly as the full measure of that child's potential.       

Whether during Hunger Action Month or any other month of the year, I am and will always be committed to treating each child as a priority as we work towards ending hunger and to ensuring the light inside each child burns as brightly as possible.

Hunger Action Pledge