Jobs Video Conferences

At the end of December, I held two video conferences on Pennsylvania jobs.  The first event took place in Bradford at the University of Pittsburgh.  Local business, education and government leaders from McKean, Warren and Elk counties gathered to share their views on the local employment situation with me.  I held a similar meeting with representatives from Huntingdon, Mifflin and Juniata counties, who convened at Juniata College.  Through these meetings I get a clearer picture of the challenges facing Pennsylvania families and communities and hear common sense suggestions for how we can put more Pennsylvanians back to work and create family-sustaining jobs in the Commonwealth.

We must all work together to pursue ideas for spurring job growth in the short-term and building a foundation for a stronger, more stable economy in the long-term.  These video roundtables were the first in a series of such job conferences that I am holding as I continue to listen to workers, small business owners and local leaders on the best ways to create jobs and boost our economy.  I want to help turn their ideas into action when I return to Washington.