LithChem Energy and Small Businesses Creating Jobs

Senator Casey at LithChem 2/1/2010

On my way from Scranton to Washington this morning, I stopped in Folcroft, Delaware County to tour LithChem, a small business doing great work with new energy technology.  They are on the cutting edge of research and development of new batteries for national defense, solar panels and recycling of hazardous materials. 

In addition to giving me a refresher course on physics and chemistry, the LithChem team said that they're ready to create new jobs and expand their business.  As a company of eight employees, LithChem has faced many of the struggles that all small businesses have been up against during these tough economic times, but they are looking to the future and are ready to hire.

As I talked with Novis Smith and other LithChem employees, it became clear that their company is a great model of how my Job Creation Tax Credit proposal can help small businesses.  My proposal will give tax incentives to encourage new job creation, which will ultimately lead us out of this recession.  LithChem's management told me that they are looking to expand to 35 employees and my proposal will help them accomplish their goal. 

I thoroughly enjoyed my time at LithChem and wish them and all of our small businesses in Pennsylvania the best of luck.

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