Making it easier for military spouses to re-enter the workforce

Every year, thousands of servicemembers are given orders to relocate themselves and their families in service of our country. Change of Station (PCS) orders often place heavy financial and psychological burdens on the spouses and families of our servicemembers.  When these servicemembers transfer stations, their spouses are faced with the possibility of losing their jobs.  We no longer live in times where a single income is enough for most families, including military families.

Yet, military families do not complain and continue to relocate time after time.

In order to ease the financial burden that PCS orders can impose upon these families, today I reintroduced the Military Spouses Job Continuity Act.  This bill would help those spouses more easily re-enter the workforce after a PCS order by offering a tax credit of up to $500 to any military spouse who has to renew or transfer a professional license due to a Change of Station.

When the National Military Families Association surveyed military spouses about employment challenges, 39% of military families had experienced a financial setback in 2010. Of those who experienced a financial setback, 32% identified that their family had made a PCS move and that the spouse had lost a job.

This legislation recognizes the sacrifices that both national and Pennsylvanian military families make. Together with the support of the National Military Family Association, Blue Star Families of America, the National Guard Association of the United States, and the Reserve Officers Association, I look forward to supporting the well-being of our servicemembers and their families. I believe that assisting military families is critical to maintaining a highly effective force.