Military Spouse Appreciation Day

Homeland Security BannerToday on Military Spouse Appreciation Day, I would like to take a moment to honor those who are often unsung heroes of our nation.  Military spouses deserve not only our thanks but our support.  As leaders and as citizens, we must do what we can to assist these spouses and families who sacrifice everyday to protect this country.  

Earlier this year, I introduced the Military Spouse Job Continuity Act. As active duty service members move due to a Permanent Change of Station their spouses are often required to change jobs and apply for a new professional license, costing the family several hundred dollars. This legislation will give the spouse a tax credit of up to $500 when a family moves and the spouse is required to renew or transfer their license.

I also introduced the Military Spouse Employment Programs Evaluation Act of 2011. This legislation would require the Secretary of Defense to annually evaluate DOD programs to help spouses find employment. There are several DOD sponsored spouse employment programs, but this bill would require the DOD to ensure those programs are serving their intended purpose, and act as effectively as they can.

I am happy to have the support of the Blue Star Families on these efforts. This important organization puts the sacrifices of military families at the forefront. So on this Military Spouse Appreciation Day, please take a moment to honor both those who serve and those who support them, without which their service would not be possible.