Natural Gas Vehicles

Today, outside my Washington office, I met with Pittsburgh residents Murry and Cindy Gerber as they stopped in Washington as part of their coast-to-coast tour to highlight the capabilities of natural gas vehicles.

Natural Gas Hummer 1

The Gerbers show that Pennsylvania ingenuity and advocacy can create new solutions to meet our challenges. Increased use of natural gas-powered vehicles can create jobs in Pennsylvania and decrease our dependence on foreign oil. Especially as oil and gasoline prices have risen, reducing the demand for foreign oil can be a win-win for the Pennsylvania economy and for consumers. Natural gas is cleaner burning than gasoline and is a Pennsylvania resource. Converting vehicles, especially commercial vehicles, to run on natural gas could create new industry and new jobs in Pennsylvania.

The federal government should encourage public-private partnerships to spur growth in industries that use natural gas to create jobs and reduce the demand for foreign oil. However, we must ensure that natural gas extraction is done in a way that protects our local communities and their drinking water.

Natural Gas Hummer 2

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