New green business in Philadelphia makes the case for smart, green jobs

Wash Cycle LaundryAfter graduating from the Wharton School, Gabriel Mandujano used his dual degree in business and urban studies to help Mexico with its efforts to create a sustainable transit system.  While there, he discovered that laundry, with its heavy use of water, electricity, and chemical cleaners, has a significant environmental impact.  He also thought it could be big business.

Using an SBA micro-loan he founded Wash Cycle Laundry, an innovative new business that provides sustainable laundry service to homes and businesses around Philadelphia.  The name of the company has a dual meaning- he offers laundering service with delivery by bike.  Gabriel’s fleet of bicycles, which can each pull up to 200 lbs. of laundry, pick up laundry and drive it to a laundromat that uses highly efficient machines that save energy and water and uses eco-friendly detergents that lessen the environmental impact of everyday laundry use. 

Gabriel currently has 75 clients including private companies that contract their laundering to Wash Cycle Laundry and he is looking to expand in cities across the nation.  Using several federal jobs programs, he has been able to hire new workers and is looking to expand over the next two years.

I commend Gabriel on his entrepreneurial spirit and contributions to the city of Philadelphia.  I hope that others can be inspired by his non-traditional business approach and work to develop businesses that enhance our communities.