Pamela’s at the White House

Over the holiday weekend, Pittsburgh natives and co-owners of Pamela's P&G Diners Gail Klingensmith and Pamela Cohen were summoned to the White House to make their famous crepe-thin pancakes for the First Family and eighty  veterans at the White House's Memorial Day Breakfast.  I would like to congratulate Ms. Cohen and Ms. Klingensmith on this honor -- I am sure this is an experience they will not forget.

As we work through these tough economic times, Ms. Cohen and Mrs. Klingensmith are fitting ambassadors to represent Pennsylvania at this breakfast.  Like many Pennsylvanians, they have made many sacrifices for their small business. Pamela's pancakes are a staple of the Pittsburgh region and the business has successfully continued to grow and feed many happy customers.  I join President Obama in recognizing this excellent business.