Pennsylvania Clean Energy Economy Forum Message

I would like to take a moment and share with you how glad I am that a forum on Clean Energy Jobs in Pennsylvania happened today.  This was a great opportunity for different groups to discuss the future of Clean Energy Jobs in our state.

As global climate change legislation is debated in the Senate, I am dedicated to ensuring that Pennsylvania workers are protected while new jobs are being created.  In my remarks this morning, I mentioned how exciting it is to be part of a state that is moving towards advancements in technology that allow us to be the frontrunner in Clean Energy Job creation.  A June 2009 report from The Pew Charitable Trust ranked Pennsylvania third in the nation for jobs related to clean energy.  In 2007, Pennsylvania boasted over 10,000 Clean Energy Jobs and another 25,000 jobs in conservation and pollution mitigation technology.  Companies such as Aztec Solar Power, Flabeg, and Gamesa are adding jobs in the solar and wind industries to Pennsylvania and leading the change towards growth in clean energy jobs.

I am steadfastly committed to ensure that we can bring new manufacturing jobs and new technologies to Pennsylvania and end the decades’ old habit of shipping jobs across seas.  Through clean energy jobs we can strengthen Pennsylvania’s economy and move towards a “greener” tomorrow.  If you would like to hear my comments on this morning’s forum, please view my video message to the Pennsylvania Clean Energy Economy Forum.

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