Philadelphia - A Leader in Life Sciences Research

I want to congratulate Greater Philadelphia for being listed among the ten most successful regions at sustaining and building value in the life sciences in a recent Milken Institute study.  The scientific and medical research industry is expected to remain strong in the recession and the work being done in  Philadelphia is helping to create jobs and improve lives.  Scientific and medical research are essential to developing preventive measures, treatments and cures for common and rare diseases and Philadelphia is helping to lead the way in this endeavor. 

Maintaining and increasing funding levels are critical if we are going to continue to lead the world in bio-medical research and to advance vital and cutting-edge research into prevention and treatment for chronic conditions and diseases.  Since beginning my term in the Senate, I have strongly supported increased federal funding for medical research in such areas as autism, Multiple Sclerosis, Muscular Dystrophy and cancer.  Improving and ensuring health care for all Americans is one of my top priorities in the Senate, and I will continue to fight for federal funding for medical research as part of that goal.