Preventing Child Abuse

Child abuse is an unspeakable tragedy whenever it occurs.  I recently wrote an op-ed in the York Daily Record, in response to an editorial about the need for additional work to prevent child abuse and improve the lives of children in Pennsylvania.

Every community struggles with the scourge of child abuse, and in my op-ed I discussed several different angles from which we can tackle this problem, from actions I believe the Congress must take to programs in local communities across Pennsylvania that are actively working to prevent child abuse.

The editorial from the York Daily Record is available here and my op-ed in reply is available here.

There are many organizations working to prevent child abuse and protect our children.  One example in Pennsylvania is the Pennsylvania Coalition Against Rape (PCAR) and their HERO Project – an innovative educational and motivational campaign featuring radio and television ads that ask adults to step up and be a "hero" for a child whom they suspect may be a victim of sexual abuse by calling a 24-hour hotline.

I encourage you to learn more about organizations like PCAR and what you can do in your community to prevent child abuse.