Rooney Confirmed as U.S. Ambassador to Ireland!

I have great news to share.  Only a day after his nomination hearing before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Dan Rooney was confirmed as U.S. Ambassador to Ireland late Thursday evening by a unanimous vote of the United States Senate.  While it typically takes several weeks following their confirmation hearing before an uncontroversial nominee is confirmed by the full Senate, I recognized that it made no sense to force a civic treasure like Dan Rooney to wait on an arbitrary timetable.  Thus, I worked closely with Chairman John Kerry and the lead Republican, Dick Lugar, on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee to "hotline" his nomination in a span of 24 hours.  It took some work but was well worth it.

I couldn't be more proud of a fellow Pennsylvanian.  As Dan prepares to depart for Ireland to represent our Nation, he does so with an uncommon blend of humility and decency that has made him a beloved icon of Steeler Nation for more than 50 years.

Foreign Policy