Show Down Pennsylvania

On Tuesday night, after the business of the day was finished, my staff and I remained in vigorous debate with Senator Specter and his staff. However, this debate was not about upcoming votes, key pieces of legislation, or committee mark-ups. It was about whose office has the better softball team.

It is a tradition that every summer the two senators from Pennsylvania, along with their teams from the Senate Softball League get together for a fun night of competition and camaraderie. The game proved to be exciting, and our teams were well-matched. Our team, Scrantonicity, held the lead for the better part of the game, but then in the later innings, Senator Specter’s team, Pennsylmania, rallied and had a two run lead. Finally, in the bottom of the sixth inning, we took the lead back, and held on to it for a final score of 19-16. While it was great to win, it was even better to spend time with colleagues outside the walls of the Capitol and Senate Office Buildings, and engage in some fun, well-mannered competition.

Softball Teams