STEM Education in Philadelphia

On May 1st, the West Philly Hybrid X Team of West Philadelphia High School was awarded the Spirit of Innovation Award for their development of the Electric Very Light Car.  I congratulate the West Philly Hybrid X Team on this accomplishment.

The Spirit of Innovation Award, which is sponsored by the Conrad Foundation, challenges young innovators to develop an idea that addresses the future of aerospace exploration, clean energy, or cyber security issues. I am honored to represent Pennsylvanians such as these students, who when given the opportunity, have succeeded in tackling the real-world problems that we face. Education in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math will help students like those at West Philadelphia High School, meet these challenges.  I believe that investing in science and math education now will support future innovation and prepare students for the jobs of the future.

The West Philly Hybrid X Team has worked tirelessly to develop a new hybrid car model, called the Edison2, which is based on the Edison electric car.  The diligence, dedication, and talent for innovation of these students has propelled them to victory over dozens of competitors, including a number of teams from top-tier Universities. I hope that their incredible success will inspire other young innovators to follow in their entrepreneurial footsteps and develop the green technologies that we need to move our country forward.