Supporting Older Pennsylvanians

Over the past several weeks, I have heard from many Pennsylvanians concerned about protecting Medicare so it continues to help beneficiaries today while remaining strong for beneficiaries tomorrow.

The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) recently announced that prescription drug premiums will not increase in 2012. HHS also announced that 900,000 older citizens who hit the prescription drug donut hole, including over 67,000 Pennsylvanians, received a 50% discount off their prescription drugs. I am also happy to announce that over 684,000 older Pennsylvanians have taken advantage of free preventive services now offered to beneficiaries because of the Affordable Care Act. This includes the 27,457 Pennsylvanians who have taken advantage of the new annual wellness visits.

While we have made great progress in ensuring that our older citizens have the care that they need, we still must work to guarantee that Medicare remains affordable for all of Pennsylvania’s older citizens. As the debate over Medicare continues, I look forward to working with my colleagues to protect Medicare for all beneficiaries. 

Our older citizens need and deserve quality and coordinated health care as they age.  We must ensure that the generation that fought our wars, worked in our factories and taught our children is cared for.