Supporting the National Institute of Health

NIH funding has broad, bipartisan support for good reason: it funds essential medical research that saves lives and also drives significant economic activity.  I am proud that Pennsylvania is home to a good deal of this medical research that brings new cures and treatments to patients.

Forty-one senators from both parties signed a letter I authored with Senator Richard Burr (R-NC) calling for sustained investment in the NIH.  Unfortunately, the Senate Appropriations Committee did cut NIH funding.  Everyone needs to tighten their belts and some may say that NIH was lucky to not see a deeper cut. 

A new impact study by United for Medical Research suggests that in FY2010, NIH research funding supported nearly half a million American jobs and produced $69 billion in new economic activity across the country.  Pennsylvania researchers, who receive over $1.4 billion per year in competitive grants from the NIH, are some of the best in the Nation, if not the world, and play a vital role in the Pennsylvania economy.

As we reduce government spending to improve our fiscal health, we must also continue to invest in innovation that benefits all Americans, creates jobs and keeps the United States as a global leader.