The 40th Anniversary of Bangladesh

December 16th marks the 40th anniversary of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh.  I want to wish every Bangladeshi a safe and happy Victory Day.  Bangladesh is a strong partner that works closely with the U.S. to enhance regional security in South Asia, and Bangladeshis everywhere should be proud of their important regional role and democratic heritage.

Pennsylvanians understand Bangladesh’s importance to America and to the world.  The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania is home to a Bangladesh Association as old as Bangladesh itself, which represents the vibrant Bangladeshi population of the state.  The rich culture and history of Bangladesh is a vital part of American culture and history.  I am happy to be able to wish my constituents and all Bangladeshis a happy holiday.

Victory Day commemorates the official creation of the state of Bangladesh in 1971.  Forty years later, Bangladesh is an important U.S. ally with a government chosen in democratic elections.  Together, our countries are dedicated to democracy and development.  I hope we will continue to work together to promote security and prosperity for the United States, Bangladesh and the region.