The proposed changes to Medicare in the Republican budget

Today I had the opportunity to sit down with several members of Pennsylvania’s aging community to discuss the proposed changes to Medicare in the Republican budget that was passed in the House of Representatives. As Chairman of the Joint Economic Committee I released a report that illustrated the effects this proposal would have on Medicare beneficiaries.  In Pennsylvania, beneficiaries would see their out-of-pocket medical expenses increase by over $6,300. This plan would end the Medicare system as we know it by replacing the traditional Medicare benefit with a voucher to purchase insurance in the private market.

11_0520 JEC Medicare Report

The group discussed the negative effects these changes would have on beneficiaries that are already struggling to pay their out-of-pocket expenses. We also discussed the important changes Medicare beneficiaries have seen over the past year. These include beginning to close the donut hole, free wellness visits and free preventive tests for procedures such as mammograms and colonoscopies. These benefits would also be eliminated in the Republican plan.

After meeting and discussing the problems many members of the Pennsylvania aging community are facing I will continue to oppose these far-reaching changes to our Medicare system the Republicans in the House of Representatives voted for.  I look forward to continuing to meet with community members to discuss ways to strengthen and improve the Medicare program.