Three Bills to Protect Pennsylvanians and Create Pennsylvania Jobs

Earlier this week I reintroduced three bills designed to protect Pennsylvanians and create Pennsylvania jobs. All of these bills relate to the natural gas rush the Commonwealth is experiencing. These bills would increase disclosure and regulation of chemicals that could enter Pennsylvania’s drinking water supply, improve safety for workers and emergency response procedures at drilling sites and promote job training to help give Pennsylvania workers the skills needed to get jobs in the natural gas industry so that workers are not shipped in from out-of-state.

Scientists estimate that the Marcellus Shale, a 350 million year old rock formation, contains about 50 trillion cubic feet of recov­erable natural gas. This is enough gas to supply the energy needs of the entire Nation for roughly 15 years.

I support the development of domestic natural gas extraction and believe that it has the potential to produce significant environmental and economic benefits. I am continuing to work with all stakeholders – citizens, environmental groups, industry, and local and state officials – to ensure that we develop this resource in the right way. Learning from the lessons of the past, we must make sure that the development of the Marcellus Shale gas resource is done with the highest regard for the health and welfare of Pennsylvanians and for the protection of our environment.

Marcellus Shale