Veterans of Foreign Wars

Today is the 112th anniversary of the creation of the Veterans of Foreign Wars, a day for us to recognize the great work of the VFW as advocates for our war veterans. 

I would particularly like to congratulate and honor the VFW Department of Pennsylvania.  Pennsylvania is home to the largest VFW state unit with well over 100,000 members.  The VFW has deep roots in Pennsylvania; the first post of the precursor to the VFW was established in Philadelphia.  Since then and through the present day, Pennsylvanian veterans have continued to play an important role in our community.

The VFW is an unwavering advocate for the needs of veterans and their families, and an active leader in community service across the country.  Our country is forever grateful for the service and sacrifice of the members of the VFW and the great patriotism of its Ladies Auxiliary. 

Please join me in recognizing this national treasure and 112 years of service on behalf of veterans.