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Labor Day

As Pennsylvanians enjoy this Labor Day let us not forget the contributions made by working men and women to the country’s prosperity and to improving the rights and benefits workers. While much progress had been made since Labor Day became a national holiday in 1894, much work remains to protect the rights of workers, boost their economic security and put more Americans back to work.

Despite continued economic growth, too many Pennsylvanians are out of work and modest income growth is making it harder to keep up with expenses, raise a family, save for retirement and, in many case, care for older parents.

I am also committed to protecting the voice of workers in the face of continued attempts to weaken the ability of workers to bargain collectively for family wages and safer working conditions.

Labor Day

Observing Labor Day

As we mark Labor Day, it is a time to remember past struggles and hard-fought victories that have improved the lives and livelihood of all workers.  It is also a time to take stock of the problems that must still be tackled. 

Addressing the growing income inequality and continued pay inequity is essential for families and for our long-term economic prosperity.  Safer workplaces where workers have a voice should not have to be up for debate. 

As the economy continues to recover, unemployment and underemployment continues to take a toll on Pennsylvania families.  Wise investments and decisions must be made to level the playing field for American workers, build a strong workforce and spur the creation of family-sustaining jobs.

After Labor Day, as work continues on fiscal decisions, I will continue to fight to increase wages, improve competitiveness and strengthen the economic recovery.

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