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Veterans Day

On Veterans Day, it is important to take the time to thank the brave men and women who put their lives on the line and serve our country to protect our freedom. We must not only honor the extraordinary service and sacrifice of our Veterans but also that of their families.  Their spouses, children and parents offer incredible support and often serve as a caregiver when their veteran returns home from service. 

I often reflect on something my father, Governor Casey, once said when he was addressing service members before the first Gulf War. He said, “We pray for the military families and for their loved ones serving around the globe; we also pray that we may be worthy of their valor.”

It is our duty to ensure that our Veterans receive the services and care they have earned and that they have access to every opportunity after their service. This includes access to quality mental health care. Not all Veterans experience mental health issues, but as we have seen, timely access to mental health care for those do is invaluable.

I encourage everyone to honor the sacrifice of our Veterans not only on Veterans Day but throughout the year.  Whether through sending care packages or cards to those serving overseas, shaking hands with a serviceman or servicewoman, or offering a prayer for Veterans and their families, we must always act in a way that is worthy of their sacrifice.

Veterans Day
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