Press Highlights for the Week of September 28th

Press Highlights for the Week of September 28th

Casey pushes legislation to combat opioid addiction and overdoses- “Casey said Thursday the “horrific heroin addiction challenge” that exists in communities across the commonwealth is increasing every month and every year. Deaths attributed to opioids spiked from 47 in 2009 to 800 last year. In Luzerne County, 119 deaths were attributed to a combination of heroin and one or more opiates. “We’re close to leading the country in a category we don’t want to lead in,” Casey said Thursday in a conference call with reporters. “We can’t stand by and wait while the disease of addiction shuts down promising lives and tears families apart.”(Times Leader, 10/1/15)

Senator Casey supports substance abuse bills- “U.S. Sen. Robert Casey is getting the word out about two Senate bills that would increase funding for substance abuse prevention and treatment and allow physicians to prescribe medication for opioid addiction to more people. He said in a conference call Thursday that there's a lot the federal government can do to assist states and communities with combating a growing drug epidemic. “We can't stand by and wait while the disease of addiction cuts promising lives short,” the Democrat from Scranton said.” (Tribune-Review, 10/1/15)

Casey singles out Washington County’s heroin crisis in teleconference- “The Democratic lawmaker cited an Aug. 23 article in the Washington Post that focused on the county, where 16 people died in one day from heroin overdoses that left “families torn apart,” he said. “This challenge, this horrific heroin addiction challenge in our communities is increasing every month and every year,” Casey told reporters from across the state when he announced his support of two new bills designed to give addicts easier access to comprehensive treatment and help physicians better treat them.” (Observer-Reporter, 10/1/15)

Casey: Congress genuinely moved by Pope’s address- “What Pope Francis said was “powerful,” Mr. Casey said, but perhaps more important was how he said it. Francis has a warmth and humility that are infectious to even the hardest hearts. “Usually, a president gets only a paragraph into his State of the Union address before all this tension and conflict starts to build,” he said. This was different. He saw a “unanimity” of goodwill toward the pope. Knowing how many public servants will take Francis’ message to heart will take time, but Mr. Casey has hope.” (Times-Tribune,9/26/15)

Casey reacts to Pope’s visit- “U.S. Sen. Bob Casey, D-Pa., said the pontiff delivered an inclusive and affirming message to Congress about the basic obligations to one another and our common home, Earth. “His message of service goes beyond one faith and has appealed to both Catholics and non-Catholics alike,” Casey said. “Underlying the pope’s remarks today (Thursday) was a call to serve and in particular a call to serve the marginalized, the vulnerable and the less fortunate, like the refugees impacted by the conflict in Syria and immigrants who yearn for a better life for their families.” (Bradford Era, 9/25/15)

Casey introduces black lung legislation- “Miners would also receive adjusted black lung benefits tied to cost-of-living increases and interim payments for attorney fees for successful claims. The legislation would also develop a strategy to reduce the backlog in black lung benefits claims. “We can’t stop working at this issue until we achieve a basic measure of justice for those miners who suffer from black lung disease,” Casey said in the statement. “We know the black lung claims process is badly broken and in need of reform to target unethical legal and medical practices and to give miners a fair shot at justice. This is a commonsense approach that ensures impacted miners and their families don’t have the deck stacked against them.” (Herald Standard, 9/29/15)

National TV Coverage

CBS News- Russian Airstrikes in Syria- “From the beginning, and I was probably the first U.S. Senator to say this, Mr. Assad should go. There is no ambiguity about that…but it would be in the best interest of the people in Syria as well as the region for him to go.  He is helping and contributing to the problem that ISIS poses right now.  So Assad has to go, that has to be one of the ultimate objectives.” (Senator Bob Casey on CBS News, 10/1/15)

MSNBC- Russian Airstrikes in Syria- “I think we have to pursue this aggressively to insist that the Russians don’t continue down this path...I do think that any bipartisan effort will strengthen the hand of the President and the Secretary of State.  We are better when we let our politics end at the water’s edge.  We need to work together on this so we have a strategy. We as a Congress need to work together to get it right” (Senator Casey on MSNBC, 10/1/15)

CNN- Russian Airstrikes in Syria- “Well, that's why when I said a negotiated resolution of this. We do have to have a process. That's why it's critically important that we're engaging not only with the Russians on this limited but critical military question, we've got to engage with the Russians, as well as countries in the region, to have an a negotiated settlement. I don't know necessarily what that looks like at the end of the road, but what hasn't happened is there hasn't been enough in the way of pushing and probing as to whether or not we can get to that end game.  But having Assad in place over time is going to foster not just more opposition within Syria, but his very presence there, barrel bombing his people over and over again, killing children over and over again for years, that's driving the threat posed by ISIS.” (Senator Casey on CNN, 10/1/15)

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