Showcase awards major contracts

By:  Danielle Krout

It was a record breaking year for Showcase for Commerce; some big announcements land some local companies some big bucks.

Eleven announcements were made totally nearly $400 million, some with contracts other companies others will expand or partner with new companies locally.

These were the contracts awarded Friday during Showcase:

-JWF, $2,400,000
-Problem Solutions, $1,100,000
-Martin Baker-American, Expanding its facility by 50%
-JARI, $300,000
-Gella LLC., $3,900,000
-IU8 $1,300,000
-NAMII new partnerships
-Concurrent Technologies Corporation (CTC)
            Air Force research Laboratory $15,000,000
            U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission $64,500,000
            Maryland Procurement Office $112.5 million
            Marine Corps Logistics Command $170 million/ $854 million value  

"These were the most contracts ever announced in Showcase history," said Linda Thomson, President of JARI.  "We are thrilled with this announcement and can say there will be more in the coming months."

Thomson was excited to see the show end on a positive note, especially with Sequestration, budget cuts and a local economy hit hard in the past few months with job cuts.

"This is exciting because its mean for every contract brought into our region people will stay employed and more will be employed," said Thomson.

Many didn't think this year would make the record books, but it did and they're happy to hear the good news.

"This is so important," said Dave Sutor, writer for the Tribune Democrat.  "Some of these companies have laid off in the past few months and we need jobs in this area... good paying jobs means more people will come back."

'This whole event is about one word, tomorrow," said Senator Bob Casey.  "This region is able to time and time again to innovate and out compete to win."