Casey Amendment That Makes Major Reforms to Job Corps Passes Key Committee

Bipartisan Provision Would Increase Accountability and Transparency

Casey Amendment That Makes Major Reforms to Job Corps Passes Key Committee

Enrollment Freeze Impacted Job Training Facilities in Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Drums and Red Rock

Washington, DC- After an effort by Senator Casey shed light on failures in a key job training program, Job Corps, his bipartisan amendment to make major reforms to Job Corps has passed through the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions (HELP) Committee. Casey’s bipartisan amendment, that was joined by Senators Hatch (R-UT) and Whitehouse (D-RI), would reform Job Corps to work to prevent future shortfalls that led to a 12 week enrollment freeze at facilities in Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Drums and Red Rock Pennsylvania.

“The mismanagement in Job Corps severely impacted an important program that helps at young people gain the skills they need to get jobs,” Senator Casey said. “Passing this bipartisan amendment will provide a measure of accountability for what occurred and take steps toward ensuring this never happens again.”

Specifically Casey’s amendment would:

  • IG Report on Administrative Changes: Requires an Inspector General report regarding the administrative changes made in Job Corps to be completed by December 1, 2013.
  • Temporary Financial Reporting: Requires DOL to submit for the next five years financial reports to include (1) implementation of the financial oversight measures recommended by the OIG; (2) a description of any budget shortfalls and reasons for the shortfall; and (3) descriptions and explanations for any approval of contract expenditure in excess of the amount provided by the contract.  For the first three years, reports will be submitted every six months.  In the following two years, reports would be submitted annually unless there is a budget shortfall in which case reports will be submitted every six months.
  • Plan for Addressing Shortfall: In the event of a shortfall, DOL shall submit a report within 90 days explaining what steps are being taken to close the gap.
  • IG Report Response: Requires a detailed response by December 1, 2013 to actions taken to correct problems identified by the May 31 OIG report.
  • Third-Party Study of Outcomes and Effectiveness: Requires third-party longitudinal evaluation of outcomes and management of Job Corps to improve the effectiveness of the program.  These reviews will occur every five years.

Criteria for Center Closure: To provide transparency in the consideration of center closures, DOL shall issue written guidance by December 1, 2013 establishing criteria for center closure.

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