Casey Amendments in NDAA Pass Congress, Set to Become Law With President’s Signature

Washington, DC — U.S. Senator Bob Casey (D-PA) announced that several of his amendments and priorities within the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) have successfully passed Congress and will become law with the President’s signature.  Senator Casey’s amendments would aid minority and women-owned businesses, veterans and their spouses, and manufacturers in Pennsylvania.

“We need to be smart about how we address our national security challenges,” said Senator Casey. “I am gratified that Congress came together in a bipartisan fashion to include my amendments and pass the National Defense Authorization Act to ensure the safety and security of our nation.”

  • Sub-contractor Notifications. This amendment promotes transparency and accountability in the federal contracting process.  It would require that subcontractors be made aware of their inclusion on federal bids and establish a system to report fraudulent procurement practices.  Currently, some big companies are listing small businesses, especially women and minority owned, on applications without the intention of giving them the work.  This amendment will make that practice illegal and improve fairness in the federal procurement process.
  • Transition Assistance Advisor. This amendment codifies the Transition Assistant Advisors program, ensuring that every state will have a Transition Assistant Advisor (TAA) in the future.  TAAs coordinate resources for reserve component members and their families to help these individuals navigate the myriad of service programs provided by the VA, TRICARE, Veterans Service Organization and other supporting agencies. TAAs enhance the National Guard Bureau’s outreach capabilities and serve as a vital link between service members and the benefits to which they are entitled.
  • Bradley Fighting Vehicle.  An additional $140 million has been authorized for the continued procurement of the Bradley Fighting Vehicle produced in York Pennsylvania.  The Army sought to end production of this vehicle in 2013.  The FY’13 defense bill also authorizes an additional $62 million for the M88A2 Recovery Vehicle, which also supports jobs in York County.  Senator Casey supported these programs in letters to the Senate Armed Services and Appropriation Committees.  Additionally, the Army will be required to conduct a study on the Bradley Vehicle industrial base.
  • Abrams Tank: $209.3 million for Abrams tank upgrades has been authorized for FY’13.  This authorization is a critical step in ensuring the sustainability of the tank industrial base, including tank parts produced in Scranton, Pennsylvania. Senator Casey supported the tank program in letters to the Senate Armed Services and Appropriation Committees.


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