Casey: Bush Wrong on SCHIP

WASHINGTON, DC-Today, U.S. Senator Bob Casey (D-PA) took to the Senate floor to respond to President Bush’s recent misleading rhetoric and opposition to an expansion of the successful State Children’s Health Insurance Program.  In his remarks, he said in part:

“President Bush recently talked about this initiative to get $50 billion or even to get $35 billion as somehow a ‘federalization of health care’ for children. But there are a lot of governors across this country, Republicans and Democrats, who think otherwise.

“Because President Bush has been misleading people on the State Children’s Health Insurance Program, here's a question for the President of the United States. If you can give a tax cut in one year for people making over $200,000 a year that amounts to $100 billion, Mr. President, if that's your policy, to give $100 billion in tax cuts to very wealthy people, why would you not be willing to spend $10 billion a year for children's health insurance?

“If you give priority to multi-millionaires and the billionaires, why won't you make a full commitment to help the children of America, the working poor and middle income children?”


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