Casey Calls on Perdue to Reverse Decision That Will Move Jobs Out of PA

Company Announced Plans to Move Jobs to North Carolina, Would Harm PA’s Economy / Lebanon County’s Skilled Workers Have Multi-Generation History with Company

Casey Calls on Perdue to Reverse Decision That Will Move Jobs Out of PA

Washington, DC- Today, U.S. Senator Bob Casey (D-PA) announced that he has sent a letter to Perdue Farms Chairman, Jim Perdue, urging the company to reverse course on a decision to close BC Natural Chicken in Lebanon County which will move jobs out Pennsylvania to North Carolina. The potential closure could negatively impact the economy in Lebanon County and would end a multi-generational history that the region’s highly skilled workforce has had with the company. 

“For years Lebanon County’s highly skilled workforce has helped the Perdue company grow and succeed,” Senator Casey said. “I’m urging the company to reverse this decision and keep BC Natural Chicken open so these jobs remain in Pennsylvania.”

The full text of Senator Casey’s letter can be seen below:

Mr. Jim Perdue


Perdue Farms

Dear Mr. Perdue,

I am writing to you regarding the recent news reports that Perdue Farms intends to close BC Natural Chicken, located in Fredericksburg, Pennsylvania.  It is my hope that you will reverse this decision.

BC Natural Chicken currently employs hundreds of skilled workers in Lebanon County. Fredericksburg has been a center of poultry production in Pennsylvania for multiple generations. The BC Natural Chicken plant specifically has been a vital part of the community under various names for several decades. The community has served Perdue Farms well and I have no doubt they would continue to do so.

It is my understanding that Perdue has cited the need for plant upgrades as a reason to close BC Natural Chicken. I would ask that you exhaust all possible options to utilize the current facilities before making that drastic decision.  Furthermore, I would welcome the opportunity to work with you to maintain your presence in Fredericksburg. 

I strongly urge you to reconsider your decision to close BC Natural Chicken. I appreciate your attention to this important matter and hope that we may work together on this issue.


Robert P. Casey, Jr.

United States Senator


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