Casey: Final Passage of Jobs Bill Will Help Put Pennsylvanians Back to Work and Boost Economy

WASHINGTON, DC- U.S. Senator Bob Casey (D-PA) today applauded the Senate vote that sends the Hiring Incentives to Restore Employment (HIRE) Act to President Obama’s desk for his signature.  This first in a planned series of jobs bills includes a job creation tax credit and other measures to help small businesses and rebuild our infrastructure.

“The HIRE Act will help put Pennsylvanians back to work and passed by a solid bipartisan margin,” said Senator Casey.  “This bill received 68 votes in the end, but still took longer to get to the President’s desk than it should.  As we continue to debate additional measures to create jobs, spur investments by businesses and help workers who have lost their jobs, I hope that we will see an end to the obstruction that is delaying help for Pennsylvania workers and the economy.”

The HIRE Act contains a payroll tax holiday for businesses to encourage hiring; Section 179 Expensing to help small businesses expand; an extension of the Highway Trust Fund; and an expansion of Build America Bonds program to allow states to finance more infrastructure projects.

Senator Casey has been a strong advocate for a job creation tax credit since last year.  He introduced another version of a job creation tax credit, the Small Business Job Creation Tax Credit (S.2973).

In January, Senator Casey spearheaded a letter signed by 31 senators urging an extension through the end of the year for unemployment insurance and the COBRA health care subsidy.  The letter was sent to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and Senate Finance Chairman Max Baucus.