Casey: Foreign Counterfeiters Are Hurting Bucks County Company- Senator Calls for Action from Administration

Illegal Practice Is Harming Thriving Bucks’ Solar Component Supplier

Washington DC- Today, U.S. Senator Bob Casey (D-PA) highlighted the damaging impact that foreign counterfeiters are having on one Bucks County company. Morningstar Corporation, which manufactures solar inverters and controllers that are sold throughout the world, has seen their products counterfeited and illegally distributed. Senator Casey called on the Administration to take all the necessary steps to protect small businesses like Morningstar.

“Foreign counterfeiting of American-made products is simply unacceptable and the Administration must take steps to combat it.” Senator Casey said. “Counterfeits harm Pennsylvania’s economy and also put consumers at risk of purchasing potentially inferior products.”

Morningstar is a small business located in Bucks County that serves as a renewable energy supply chain provider. The company is a solar supplier to industrial, commercial and residential customers in an industry that employs over 100,000 Americans. The company began experiencing counterfeiting at random several years ago and has now seen more of their products copied by a few companies in China.  Pennsylvania is home to half of the Morningstar organization, including the business, operational, sales engineering, marketing and accounting teams.  

“We were appalled to learn the audacious nature of the counterfeiting, illegal marketing and selling of fake Morningstar products in the marketplace,” said Lee Gordon, President & CEO, Morningstar Corporation.  “We will work with the appropriate authorities to halt fraudulent manufacturers, distributors and web-based sellers. Morningstar wants our customers to know that we are committed to upholding the standards associated with our brand and are taking strong measures to curb this activity. We thank Senator Casey in lending his support on behalf of small Pennsylvania businesses.”

Senator Casey has taken a leading role in holding countries like China accountable for illegal trade practices. He has consistently urged the Administration to confront countries like China for its lax policies that lead to the counterfeiting of American goods. In addition, Senator Casey was a lead cosponsor of a bill that would crackdown on China’s manipulation of its currency.



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